Who is this woman?

I am 42 year old late-blooming (got married one week before my 39th birthday!) SAHM (and work at home). I have two children (3 year old boy wonder, H and 11 month old drama queen, Baby C), an amazing husband (Mr. Smith) and I love to cook and bake. You might wonder how I have the time, let’s just say, there is plenty of crying around here (mine and the children)!

Everyone tells me I should do stand-up comedy, but I hate to be the center of attention, so that is out.

I know, I am so late to the blog party that it is actually kind of sad, but I have completely fallen in love with this medium.

I think every recipe has a wonderful story. I will be sharing what I am cooking on any given day, where the recipe came from and the story behind it.

I was born in New York (not the city), grew up in Delaware and Pittsburgh. I moved to Southern California in 1993. Living in So Cal is a mixed blessing (great weather, too much traffic, too crowded), but for now, this is where we are. I have family all over the country (New York, Louisiana, Texas, Northern California, Maryland).

I swore I would never marry a native Californian, a younger man or a smoker. I broke every single rule with Mr. Smith. He has since quit smoking (not due to any pressure from me!), but I can’t do anything about the other two.

Mr. Smith and I got married 3 1/2 months after our first date. Another great story and a wild ride for sure! Our lives are wonderful and kind of crazy, but I don’t think we would want it any other way.

Mr. Smith’s family is here, but that is a whole other story for another time and another blog. Suffice it to say, we don’t see them much and most of the time, that is just fine.

Stay tuned as I roll out old favorites, try some new stuff and share it all with all of you.

Thanks for reading.


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